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Google Case “Don’t be evil” Essay

Google in 2000 built up a Chinese language form that the Chinese could utilize unreservedly. After two years, the legislature obstructed the internet searcher since this last didn't change the discoveries. In 2004 the administration chose to discharge the site yet clients could no longer access locales, for example, political developments. Google has conformed to its own understanding to expel all destinations that ought to be blue-penciled by the laws forced by the Communist Party of China. Numerous words have been prohibited additionally in look into, for example, Hypocrite, Human Rights, Democracy†¦ Google strategic that â€Å"Google crucial to sort out the world’s data and make it all around available and useful†. Yet in addition â€Å"being a Googler implies holding yourself to the most noteworthy conceivable standard of moral business conduct.† The data is promptly accessible for each and every individual who approaches Internet, without find pointless data and the item should be all around open. While numerous organizations have moral codes to administer their lead, Google professes to have made â€Å"Don’t Be Evil† a focal mainstay of their character, and part of their self-announced basic beliefs. In 2006, when Google proclaimed their self-control move into China, their â€Å"Don’t be evil† saying was addressed. Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt clarified that occasionally it may need to permit littler shades of malice for a more noteworthy great. In any case, Google has since tested China’s restriction approaches on different events. DO YOU THINK GOOGLE SHOULD CENSOR SEARCHES IN CHINA? WHY? Google was censured a ton by global papers about morals codes. _The Financial Times_ inquired as to whether they don’t feel remorseful about the circumstance and on the off chance that they aren’t getting detestable with editing explores inside China. That year, Google opened workplaces in China in light of the fact that from a monetary point of view, this nation speaks to for the organization a dynamic, quickly developing and progressively serious market. The choices of the Chinese Government might be contrasted with the papers in the United States in light of the fact that both choose if they would alter or shroud any article composed and thought improper for people in general. Actually, the Government takes choices if Google needs to blue pencil sites and examines; Google thus remained on obliging the requests of the Chinese Government. I think there isn't an issue of being underhanded or not. Google is perhaps an innovator on the planet (it positioned in 2005 the third situation behind Johnson and Johnson and Coca-Cola), however it can't take choices in a nation which isn't its. The examination engine has no force in that nation constrained by a Communist Government which is exceptionally solid. It is increasingly an issue of soundness from Google, in light of the fact that in the wake of perusing its statement of purpose and comprehension â€Å"Don’t be Evil useless†, we don’t comprehend the motivation behind why they change their way of life when they work in another nation. As per that statement of purpose and on the grounds that a few governments make the mission hard to accomplish, Google added to the equalization a third essential duty in the wake of having infiltrated Chinese market: â€Å"be receptive to neighborhood conditions.† People believed that Google will follow its strate gic, doesn’t matter the circumstance or the area, and they were extremely amazed when they find that Google made some scold by its own. After the rebuke choice of Chinese Government in 2002, Google was no progressively proficient, and each search needed to pass however the â€Å"Great Firewall of China† programming. That implies Google News was rarely accessible, as likewise Google Images which worked only half of the time. A valid statement of Google is the significance of users’ security and it is identified with users’ interests. In any case, entering in China, Google’s choices must be checked by the administration; this changing of sifting all explores traded off Google’s missions. It doesn’t matter to the organization to be censured, or in the event that it lose individuals trust the world over, on the grounds that the main thing they accepted is to attempt to provide for clients the entrance to from inside China. Yet, Google needed to confront some more issues, others than the analysis. That is to say, the blue penciling would truly have influenced the organization query items, in such a case that a client attempts to look through a guaranteed term, he would be re-coordinated to a non-blue-penciled site or the program would stop. Yet, Google hazards a brand esteem harm. To sum up, I comprehended that Google had no way out to become scolded. It told it was its own choice since it didn’t need to contend with the Government, and it realized that it got no opportunity to win the battle. It is unreasonably significant for the organization to grow until China, that’s why the organization acknowledged all the nation limitations and attempt to have a spot in that advertise. For what reason DO YOU THINK GOOGLE DIDN’T WANT TO SUPPLY INFORMATION REQUESTED BY THE US GOVERNMENT IN RELATION TO THE CHILD ONLINE PROTECTION ACT? *  « Would be eager to uncover data relating to its clients  » †this implies Google wouldn't like to give any data which can hurt in any capacity the clients of Google or disregard their security. Besides, Google imagined that this solicitation was to get excessively profound into individuals lives and this was unsatisfactory in light of the fact that they expected to ensure their clients. This is one of a motivation behind why Google wouldn't like to gracefully data. * moreover, Google wouldn't like to lose its preferred position over its rivals by uncovering data which could hurt them legitimately:  « compromise Google’s upper hand by uncovering its restrictive privileged insights  ». * Last however not least, I think Google didn’t need to gracefully data mentioned by the US government according to the Child Online Protection Act since they realize it would be an enormous loss of cash for them, the business of erotic entertainment is immense, and in this way if a few children are watching it, Google can't be excessively associated with it contrasted with the cash they are making with the business of sex entertainment.’t+be+evil

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Consumer Behavior and Marketing Psychology †Free Samples for student

Question: Examine about the Consumer Behavior and Marketing Psychology. Answer: Presentation PCs become a fundamental part of individual correspondence around the globe. In any case, little has been learned about client choices during the purchasing procedure. With numerous PC accessible, every maker is searching for methods of getting the enthusiasm of purchasers so as to make a benefit. It is significant for PC makers and dealers to comprehend the perspectives of customers who have bought their items so as to configuration better tricks to serve their future demographic better. There is expanding proof showing that the understanding the clients makes it simpler to plan items better. This study is planned for understanding mentalities of youthful female and male shoppers in Australia towards HP Company and its items. The present study was led utilizing monkey review instrument to gather information from HP Company customers. Overview Monkey device can make and direct studies and even play out the examination of the information gathered. The examiner made the poll on the Monkey overview apparatus before the beginning of the assortment work out. The examination embraced the free form to cut n costs ( The online study was conveyed to 15 people customers to contemplate their perspectives towards HP organization items. Approval for doing the examination was acquired from University. After assent from the college, messages were sent to the target gathering to welcome and urge them to partake and to expand the filling of the polls will be finished. The email sent likewise contained specifics about the review and a solicitation for a consented to educated arrangement. Permission to connection to the overview was given subsequent to accepting an email demonstrating that members had concurred. After access, the member simply pointed and ticked spaces to give their reactions. Probability of Recommending HP items The examination respondents were inquired as to whether they were probably going to prescribe HP items to their partners, companions or family. The outcomes demonstrated a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 27. Seven respondents, speaking to 47% demonstrates that almost certainly, they could prescribe HP items to their loved ones as appeared in Table 1 below.33% showed that they were uncertain about whether they would prescribe HP items to anybody or not while 20% demonstrated that they would not prescribe HP items to loved ones. Table 1: Possibilities of Recommending HP Products to Friends and Families. Depreciators (0-6) Passives (7-8) Advertisers (9-10) Net Promoter Score 20% 3 33% 5 47% 7 27 Generally speaking Customer Satisfaction or Dissatisfaction with HP Company Seven respondents, speaking to 46% of the members, detailed that they were profoundly happy with HP Company while 33% demonstrated that they were fairly fulfilled. 20% said that they were neither fulfilled nor disappointed as demonstrated in Figure 1 underneath. The degrees of fulfillment or disappointment demonstrated in Figure can be clarified by the reactions given by the members while depicting HP items. 46.6% demonstrated dependability as the principle motivation behind why they discover HP items profoundly engaging while 40% showed high caliber as the fundamental rousing variable behind their buying choices. Helpfulness, uniqueness and great incentive for cash consolidated pulled in 60% of the respondents; with every factor representing 20%. Just 6.7% of the respondents depicted HP items as overrated; the reactions are summed up in Table 2. Words Used to Describe HP Products Answer Choices Rate Responses Number of Respondents Dependable 46.67% 7 High caliber 40.00% 6 Valuable 20.00% 3 Novel 20.00% 3 Great incentive for cash 20.00% 3 Overrated 6.67% 1 Unreasonable 0.00% 0 Ineffectual 0.00% 0 Low quality 0.00% 0 Temperamental 0.00% 0 Complete Respondents:15 Clients Needs versus HP Products To decide if the items addressed the issues of the clients, clients were approached to portray whether HP items addressed their issues or not. 46.6% showed incredibly well,' 33.3% quite well and 20.0% demonstrated to some degree well. These reactions can be connected to the client's perspectives on the nature of the HP items. Somewhat the greater part, 53.3%, demonstrated that HP items are of high caliber while 26.6% felt that the PC they purchased was of high caliber. 13.3% of the respondents demonstrated neither high nor low while just 6.7% named HP items starting at low quality. The outline of their reactions is demonstrated in Table 3. Seen Quality of HP Products by Customers Answer Choices Rates Response Number of Respondents High quality 53.33% 8 High caliber 26.67% 4 Neither high nor low quality 13.33% 2 Low quality 6.67% 1 Low quality 0.00% 0 All out 15 Estimation of Money for HP Products Getting the estimation of the cash spent on an item is a significant factor to guarantee rehash buys and high consumer loyalty. In the control of promoting van Biljon Renaud (2008, pp. 230) opine that conclusions are more grounded than authenticity thinking about that clients settle on their choices dependent on the impression of deferent improvements. Deals battles are moored on the publicizing blend component of cost since coordinating the cost of an item or the assets utilized by the client to get the product to the worth is basic. Customers may see the cost of an item either adversely or emphatically, which will thusly impact the dynamic procedure. The maker can benefit all the more modifying all the harming discernments clients have with respect to the cost of a product. For instance, it can help warm the hearts of the clients will try not to make probes basically on the grounds that they see the cost to high (Jain Honda 2007, pp. 17). Via doing advertisings, the HP Company will change these conclusions among customers trying to make get some answers concerning the real costs. In addition, the HP Company will start advantageous advantages to the clients including free credit for each new or rehash buy. Subsequently, other than motivating them to make acquisitions, future deals advertisings can assist shoppers with understanding reality about wares and administrations. HP Brand Loyalty Brand devotion shapes some portion of the essential foreseen yields by advertisers and organizations. At the point when customers show steady practices or have positive perspectives about a brand, generally yield expanded informal exchange about the item and ensuing increment in deals (Theoharakis Hooley 2008, pp. 69). These two are noted to contrast sorts of reliability in which conduct unwaveringness explains on the repetitive purchasing conduct of shoppers and attitudinal relentlessness, which clarifies the valuable conduct of buyers towards a ware. During the overview, the clients were asked whether they were probably going to purchase HP items once more. 46.7% demonstrated that they were incredibly liable to purchase HP items later on while 40.0% showed almost certain. Just 13.3% demonstrated to some degree likely as appeared in Table 4. HP advertisers should work more enthusiastically to persuade the 13.3% that their items stay unrivaled as far as quality. What's more high clie nt responsiveness can assist with guaranteeing that clients get benefits speedily. Probability of buying HP items once more Answer Choices Reactions Very likely 46.67% 7 Likely 40.00% 6 To some degree likely 13.33% 2 Not all that imaginable 0.00% 0 Not under any condition likely 0.00% 0 All out 15 End Comprehension of clients sees about an item or administration is critical to guaranteeing that recurrent deals or suggestions are made to other potential clients. As showed before, clients who are either incredibly or exceptionally fulfilled effectively make are faithful to HP mark and effectively prescribe HP organization items to loved ones. References Theoharakis, V. also, Hooley, G., 2008. Client direction and creativity: Differing jobs in New and Old Europe. Universal Journal of Research in Marketing, 25(1), pp.69-79. Jain A Honda BS, 2007, Factors impacting portable administrations appropriation in provincial India.Asia-Pacific Journal of Rural Development,17(1), 17-28. van Biljon J Renaud K, 2008, A subjective investigation of the appropriateness of innovation acknowledgment models to senior cell phone clients. InAdvances in reasonable modelingChallenges and opportunities(pp. 228-237). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

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Spartanburg Spartanburg, city (1990 pop. 43,467), seat of Spartanburg co., NW S.C., in the Piedmont (see under piedmont ) near the N.C. line; inc. 1831. The city is noted for its textile production. It is an important commercial, transportation, and trade focus in an agriculture and livestock region. Machinery, chemicals, plastics, wood, metal, clay, transportation equipment, and paper items are produced, and agricultural products include dairy goods, poultry, hogs, grains, peaches, and apples. In the American Revolution, 11 major battles were fought in the area. The city and its county were named for the Spartan regiment of Revolutionary troops recruited in the area. In the Civil War the city was a busy supply-manufacturing point. Spartanburg is the seat of Wofford College, Converse College, and a campus of the Univ. of South Carolina. The city was the home of James F. Byrnes . Cowpens National Battlefield and a state park are nearby. The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyrig ht © 2012, Columbia University Press. All rights reserved. See more Encyclopedia articles on: U.S. Political Geography

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Quantum And Physics Infinite Divisibility - 1522 Words

Infinite divisibility has been a historically relevant theme in mathematics and philosophy. Before we had the tools to physically show the mathematical nature of the infinite, philosophers speculated on what happens when a space was divided into infinite parts. Parmenides and Zeno created theories, and paradoxes to prove that infinite divisibility was so significant that the universe is in a constant, unchanging state, and using that to show that motion cannot exist. Aristotle and other philosophers critiqued these ideas by defining various grammatical forms of the term infinity, in order to clarify what the paradoxes really mean and how it is best to talk about infinity. However, all three of them were proven wrong with the development†¦show more content†¦Achilles will then have to reach this new location. By the time Achilles reaches that location, the tortoise will have moved on to yet another location, and so on forever†¦ if we do believe that Achilles succeeds and that motion is possible, then we are victims of illusion, as Parmenides says we are.† (Dowden) This paradox assumes that space is infinitely divisible. Therefore, the premise of this argument is that between two distinct points, there an infinite number of points separating them. If that is the case, then one can never travel from one distinct point to the other because that would require an infinite number of tasks. This idea is seen again in the Dichotomy paradox: â€Å"Zeno argues that a runner will never reach a fixed goal along the racetrack. The reason is that the runner must first reach half the distance to the goal. But once he gets there, he must then cross half the remaining distance, then half of new remainder, and so on. If the goal is one meter away, the runner must cover a distance of 1/2 meter, then 1/4 meter, then 1/8 meter, and so on ad infinitum.† (Dowden). A regressive version of this paradox also exists: â€Å"the runner cannot even take a first st ep. For, any step may be divided conceptually into a first half and a second half. Before taking a full step, the runner must take a 1/2 step, but before that he must take a 1/4 step, but before that a 1/8 step, and so forth ad infinitum, so AchillesShow MoreRelated Does The Void Exist Essay836 Words   |  4 PagesLeucippus agrees with fact that the universe is one plenum. However, he believes that the universe is made up of an infinite amount of plena. These plena are invisible and when they come in contact with each other they react upon each other. This creates quot;Phenomenaquot; or one might say movement. This theory is parallel do modern quantum physics. The universe is made up of an infinite amount of atoms and compounds. We have chemical reactions when they come in contact. Therefore, matter is constantlyRead More The Limits of Science Essays3754 Words   |  16 Pagesreducible to notions that are commensurable to that body. This phenomenologically clarifies some of the m ost important discoveries in contemporary science. The Special Theory of Relativity shows the dependence of space and time on the accounting system. Quantum mechanics displays the limits of observation (Heisenberg) and logical indefiniteness by compelling the creation of a macropresentation of micro-objects and gets around logic (Feyerabend) through the principle of additionality. Experimental science

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The Effects Of Winnie Madikizela Mandela On A Nation

The one thing that is certain is that we cannot choose the time and place for which we are born. To make an everlasting impact on a nation is something quite remarkable and extremely rare – especially as a black living in South Africa in the middle of the 20th century. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, the wife of Nelson Mandela, broke barriers and will forever stand as one of the most influential women in South African history. Her determination combined with her natural intelligence led her to the place where her impact would be felt for generations to come. Winnie, born with the name of Nomzamo Winifred Madikizela, was raised in rural Pondoland in 1934. Nomzamo translates to one who strives or undergoes trials. Her mother, a science teacher, died when Winnie was only nine years old, leaving behind nine children. Her father, also a teacher, taught history and later became minister of agriculture in the Transkei, a self-governing territory of South Africa. Winnie was extremely intelligent, attending Bizana and Shawbury schools in the Transkei and graduated from Jan Hofmeyer School of Social Work of Johannesburg in 1955. Following her years of school, Winnie took a position at Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, becoming the first black medical social worker in South Africa. Not long after finishing school, Winnie would soon meet someone who would also help change a nation. Nelson Mandela, a young attorney living in Johannesburg and active member of the African National CongressShow MoreRelatedWestern Colonization Has Affected The Ways Countr ies1456 Words   |  6 Pagesaffected the ways countries view themselves in various facets from economically to socially. Although the initial wave of colonialism has somewhat passed, that is the act of going and occupying other territories , Western ideals still manage to have an effect on how countries conduct themselves and how they respond to different situations . When examining South Africa s response to the treatment of Caster Semenya by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) we see this playing out.

Digital Fortress Chapter 35 Free Essays

Becker stared in shock at Rocio. â€Å"You sold the ring?† The woman nodded, her silky red hair falling around her shoulders. Becker willed it not to be true. We will write a custom essay sample on Digital Fortress Chapter 35 or any similar topic only for you Order Now â€Å"Pero†¦ but†¦Ã¢â‚¬  She shrugged and said in Spanish, â€Å"A girl near the park.† Becker felt his legs go weak. This can’t be! Rocio smiled coyly and motioned to the German. â€Å"El queria que lo guardara. He wanted to keep it, but I told him no. I’ve got Gitana blood in me, Gypsy blood; we Gitanas, in addition to having red hair, are very superstitious. A ring offered by a dying man is not a good sign.† â€Å"Did you know the girl?† Becker interrogated. Rocio arched her eyebrows. â€Å"Vaya. You really want this ring, don’t you?† Becker nodded sternly. â€Å"Who did you sell it to?† The enormous German sat bewildered on the bed. His romantic evening was being ruined, and he apparently had no idea why. â€Å"Was passiert?† he asked nervously. â€Å"What’s happening?† Becker ignored him. â€Å"I didn’t actually sell it,† Rocio said. â€Å"I tried to, but she was just a kid and had no money. I ended up giving it to her. Had I known about your generous offer, I would have saved it for you.† â€Å"Why did you leave the park?† Becker demanded. â€Å"Somebody had died. Why didn’t you wait for the police? And give them the ring?† â€Å"I solicit many things, Mr. Becker, but trouble is not one of them. Besides, that old man seemed to have things under control.† â€Å"The Canadian?† â€Å"Yes, he called the ambulance. We decided to leave. I saw no reason to involve my date or myself with the police.† Becker nodded absently. He was still trying to accept this cruel twist of fate. She gave the damn thing away! â€Å"I tried to help the dying man,† Rocio explained. â€Å"But he didn’t seem to want it. He started with the ring-kept pushing it in our faces. He had these three crippled fingers sticking up. He kept pushing his hand at us-like we were supposed to take the ring. I didn’t want to, but my friend here finally did. Then the guy died.† â€Å"And you tried CPR?† Becker guessed. â€Å"No. We didn’t touch him. My friend got scared. He’s big, but he’s a wimp.† She smiled seductively at Becker. â€Å"Don’t worry-he can’t speak a word of Spanish.† Becker frowned. He was wondering again about the bruises on Tankado’s chest. â€Å"Did the paramedics give CPR?† â€Å"I have no idea. As I told you, we left before they arrived.† â€Å"You mean after you stole the ring.† Becker scowled. Rocio glared at him. â€Å"We did not steal the ring. The man was dying. His intentions were clear. We gave him his last wish.† Becker softened. Rocio was right; he probably would have done the same damn thing. â€Å"But then you gave the ring to some girl?† â€Å"I told you. The ring made me nervous. The girl had lots of jewelry on. I thought she might like it.† â€Å"And she didn’t think it was strange? That you’d just give her a ring?† â€Å"No. I told her I found it in the park. I thought she might offer to pay me for it, but she didn’t. I didn’t care. I just wanted to get rid of it.† â€Å"When did you give it to her?† Rocio shrugged. â€Å"This afternoon. About an hour after I got it.† Becker checked his watch: 11:48 p.m. The trail was eight hours old. What the hell am I doing here? I’m supposed to be in the Smokys. He sighed and asked the only question he could think of. â€Å"What did the girl look like?† â€Å"Era un punki,† Rocio replied. Becker looked up, puzzled. â€Å"Un punki?† â€Å"Si. Punki.† â€Å"A punk?† â€Å"Yes, a punk,† she said in rough English, and then immediately switched back to Spanish. â€Å"Mucha joyeria. Lots of jewelry. A weird pendant in one ear. A skull, I think.† â€Å"There are punk rockers in Seville?† Rocio smiled. â€Å"Todo bajo el sol. Everything under the sun.† It was the motto of Seville’s Tourism Bureau. â€Å"Did she give you her name?† â€Å"No.† â€Å"Did she say where she was going?† â€Å"No. Her Spanish was poor.† â€Å"She wasn’t Spanish?† Becker asked. â€Å"No. She was English, I think. She had wild hair-red, white, and blue.† Becker winced at the bizarre image. â€Å"Maybe she was American,† he offered. â€Å"I don’t think so,† Rocio said. â€Å"She was wearing a T-shirt that looked like the British flag.† Becker nodded dumbly. â€Å"Okay. Red, white, and blue hair, a British flag T-shirt, a skull pendant in her ear. What else?† â€Å"Nothing. Just your average punk.† Average punk? Becker was from a world of collegiate sweatshirts and conservative haircuts-he couldn’t even picture what the woman was talking about. â€Å"Can you think of anything else at all?† he pressed. Rocio thought a moment. â€Å"No. That’s it.† Just then the bed creaked loudly. Rocio’s client shifted his weight uncomfortably. Becker turned to him and spoke influent German. â€Å"Noch et was? Anything else? Anything to help me find the punk rocker with the ring?† There was a long silence. It was as if the giant man had something he wanted to say, but he wasn’t sure how to say it. His lower lip quivered momentarily, there was a pause, and then he spoke. The four words that came out were definitely English, but they were barely intelligible beneath his thick German accent. â€Å"Fock off und die.† Becker gaped in shock. â€Å"I beg your pardon? â€Å"Fock off und die,† the man repeated, patting his left palm against his fleshy right forearm-a crude approximation of the Italian gesture for â€Å"fuck you.† Becker was too drained to be offended. Fuck off and die? What happened to Das Wimp? He turned back to Rocio and spoke in Spanish. â€Å"Sounds like I’ve overstayed my welcome.† â€Å"Don’t worry about him.† She laughed. â€Å"He’s just a little frustrated. He’ll get what’s coming to him.† She tossed her hair and winked. â€Å"Is there anything else?† Becker asked. â€Å"Anything you can tell me that might help?† Rocio shook her head. â€Å"That’s all. But you’ll never find her. Seville is a big city-it can be very deceptive.† â€Å"I’ll do the best I can.† It’s a matter of national security†¦ â€Å"If you have no luck,† Rocio said, eyeing the bulging envelope in Becker’s pocket, â€Å"please stop back. My friend will be sleeping, no doubt. Knock quietly. I’ll find us an extra room. You’ll see a side of Spain you’ll never forget.† She pouted lusciously. Becker forced a polite smile. â€Å"I should be going.† He apologized to the German for interrupting his evening. The giant smiled timidly. â€Å"Keine Ursache.† Becker headed out the door. No problem? Whatever happened to â€Å"Fuck off and die†? How to cite Digital Fortress Chapter 35, Essay examples

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Pesonal Essays - Helpfulness, Compliance Gaining,

Pesonal Personal Statement Some people make goals, some goals that cant be achieved because people give up way too early, and some that can be achieved. I feel I can achieve the goals I set for myself within the next year or two. My first goal is to find a part-time job that will be willing to work around my school schedule. Many businesses and employers make it hard for teenagers to find jobs, because they mainly look for people that can work flexible hours and due to insurance policies they cant hire anyone under 18, but I feel I will be able to find a job that will be willing to. My next goal is to get high scores on the SAT and ACT as well as graduate from high school with a GPA of 3.5 or higher which will allow me to get accepted into a college of my preference. Sometimes your long-term goals can change, but I feel that as long as I can accomplish my short term goals I will be able to accomplish my long term goals. My first long term goal is to graduate from college with a major in nursing, which will allow me to take the State Board Exam for Nursing and become a registered nurse. My next goal is to score well on the exam, not only so that I can pass the test, but so my resume can stand out and open more choices of working at either a hospital, or clinic. Scoring well on the exam will allow me to accomplish another goal, working at a hospital of my choice. Once I start working as a registered nurse, I will be able to make more money which will allow me to start a family and buy a house. My dream career is to become a registered nurse, not because I will be making a lot of money, but because I know I will be helping people and their families out by saving many lives. I have been in the hospital on numerous occasions both good and bad, whether it is to visit someone in the hospital, seeing what goes on inside, or for my personal health. Ive been in many hospitals, clinics, and even offices where some nurses treat their patients well, but most nurses I have seen treat their patients horribly. This contributes to my goal of becoming an RN because it will allow me to try to make a difference in how the patients are being treated. My friends and family have contributed to my goals and my career in many ways. I had and still have family that work in the medical field which is one of the biggest contributions. My mom had worked at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center as a unit secretary, and my aunt Christina works at Torrance Memorial as a respiratory therapist. Hearing her stories of how she saves lives by giving people breathing treatments and resuscitating them, helped me decide that I want to save lives by becoming a nurse. You may ask how will my dreams, goals, and experiences bring success in college, I believe it will bring success because I have a passion in helping people out and have something to look forward to. I am interested in the nursing programs that are offered and have a reason to want to be here and family that motivates me to succeed. Growing up in a family where we didnt have much, having to budget money throughout the weeks and months just to make sure we will be able to make it, has taught me to try my best to make it far in life by not letting my situations at home affect me negatively. I remain down to Earth and being enjoy bring kind and helpful to others. It is important for someone to know this about me, because unlike most people in my situation, they let these factors affect them negatively resorting to drugs, gangs, and sometimes even suicide. Instead of trying to live a better lifestyle and make something of yourself. I try to remain positive even when the outcome doesnt seem like its worth it, because I know that things cant get worse, they